Scuba Diving Birthday

I started off the first day of my thirties with an incredible boat dive off Anacapa Island (which is part of the Channel Islands off Ventura). This was my first boat dive with the Spectre Boat and they were so great. The team was friendly, their lunch was delicious (BBQ chicken for most, veggie burger for me) and their fresh water hot tub was perfect after three tank dives.

Of course, I always learn a lesson with each dive trip and this time, I lost my mask by not having a secure grip on it and watched it fall in off the side of the boat, oops. The boat did have an extra mask for me to use but it was such an old mask that it didn’t allow for easy decompression. I actually had to dive with only one glove so I can stick my hand up the mask to decompress which was a tad annoying but it was my fault for losing my mask.

Since October is my favorite month, it’s only fitting that October is the best time to dive in Southern California. The water was a nice 68 degrees with visibility from 50-80 feet. The sea life was out in full force with lots of lobsters, sting rays, starfish, a baby octopus, sea lions and even a giant sea cucumber pooping. It was the perfect way to bring in my thirties.

• wearing my underwater birthday hat •
• channeling my under water michael jackson •

• first enc0unter with a baby starfish, too cute •

• bang bang •

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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