Overall Christmas Celebration

Originally, we were going to host our first Christmas in Santa Clara. My parents and sister would come up, we would open presents, make lots of home cooked meals and just celebrate with each other. But of course, things can always change quickly so instead of having our first hosted Christmas, we are now heading out to the Netherlands the day after Christmas to visit Marijn’s family, mainly because his grandma has fallen quite ill.
Since our original plans have changed, we’ve decided to make the most of it. Christmas Eve: Disneyland! Christmas Day: family gets up early to drive us to Las Vegas (only way to fly out to AMS based on miles). Spend Christmas Day in Vegas and then get on a flight for the Netherlands on the 26th. We’ll be in the cold, snowy and hopefully not rainy, Netherlands for two weeks, spending quality time with his grandma and family. Hopefully we’ll be able to sneak away for a ski trip in Belgium. It also gives us the chance to celebrate New Years in Amsterdam (which I am not sure my liver or lungs will never forgive me for) It will be nice to head out there for the last of the Winter celebrations, it’s just unfortunate it has to be under these circumstances.

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