Bobsledding Event

Almost all of the tickets for the Olympic events ranged between three to four figures (Men’s Gold hockey game) which seemed quite excessive so we were so happy and surprised to find that the qualifying race for the men’s bobsled game was only thirty dollars! Standing in the cold, rain and snow for a few hours to watch men slide down on the bobsled was incredible especially since we found an excellent location at the final curve. We were also surprised that there were so many crashes due to the crazy track (never seems that the networks air crashes) so watching the bobsleds go by overturned made us hold our breaths and cheer wildly when the team all stood up safely. If we ever make it to another Olympics (Sochi anyone?!), we will have to make sure to make appearances to the bobsledding event!

• watching at the last curve before the finish line •

• spectators •

• team USA •

• team USA •

Photos by Kim E

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