Hue Festival Highlights

We’ve spent the past five days in my mother’s hometown, Hue enjoying time with my family, celebrating my cousin’s wedding and mainly, soaking in the Hue Festival which happens every two years. The city really does know how to create a magical place for a festival.
*on a side note: there is nothing more frustrating then having my wide angle lens go kaput on me while traveling! At least I have two other lenses (50mm and 70-300mm) but nothing that goes wider and that will drive me crazy for the next two weeks…at least the 50mm is fast and has allowed me to take these photos without boosting up the ISO too high. I’ve tried attempting to use the point and shoot for any wide photos but that camera also drives me crazy now since I have such limited control.
Next stop is Hoi An to enjoy “the city of Lanterns” and to do some scuba diving, whoohoo!

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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