Scuba Diving in Hoi An

My first scuba dive experience was in ‘07 in Hoi An, Vietnam with Rainbow Divers and I fell in love with diving…three years later, I got to go back to where it all started, this time as a certified diver rather than a newbie. Clear and warm waters, a spontaneous wreck dive, an island lunch time adventure and even a sliced up finger from coral (I need to bring my gloves with me when diving!) makes this dive a favorite of mine! Most of these photos below were taken by my father however for our dive in Nha Trang, I will need to take more photos so I can practice photographing underwater which isn’t as easy as it looks…

• heading off to sea •

• our first dive site •
• oh crap, look at the size of that thing! •

• holding a pooping sea cucumber! •

• coral for scale •

• dad checking out the urchin •

• shipwreck from 2009 typhoon •

• note: do not slice fingers on rusty boat •

• lunch and boat ride to cham island was included •

• after our two dives, relaxing on the beach •
• father and daughter scuba dive bonding •

• scuba dive vietnam! •

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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