Stumptown Beer Revival highlights

This past weekend, we drove up to Guerneville to enjoy Stumptown’s Beer Revival…an all you can eat BBQ (this part I really did not care about, seriously, seeing twelve hundred people chowing down meat was the most unattractive thing ever) and an all you can drink (so awesome) festival (entry ticket: $55!). Although I didn’t really care for the BBQ portion, being around great friends, drinking wonderful beers from thirty different vendors to choose from and hanging out by the Russian River was just incredible.

On our drive back on Sunday, we drove via Hwy 1 and stopped in Duncans Mills (population: 85) for an incredible and hearty breakfast at Cape Fear Cafe which is highly recommended. Although taking Hwy 1 is a long and windy drive back to Silicon Valley, the rolling hills and ocean views makes the drive incredible. It is weekends like this that makes me fall more in love with Northern California 🙂

• upside down tank gem at Goat’s Rock •

• highway one viewpoint •
• point reyes viewpoint •
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    Photos by Kim E

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