Surprise photo session

this was probably one of the most amazing sessions! the boyfriend asked me to surprise his girlfriend on their anniversary with a photo session. i set up their special picnic with the most incredible backdrop and hid.

the location wasn’t fully ideal for me to really hide but i did find some crates that i could stand behind and use the telephoto to capture the moments right after she saw the picnic spread. i was able to get these sweet moments of just the two of them before the  gig was up (even with a telephoto, the sound of the camera clicking isn’t something you can really hide from) but i love these early moments where it was just the two of them.

after their picnic, we walked the grounds at byington winery in los gatos for some extra photos. aren’t these two absolutely beautiful? what a wonderful surprise gift and i am so glad that i could capture some of these moments.

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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