Early morning Lunar New Year celebration

we’ll be heading down to los angeles next weekend to celebrate with the family but i still wanted to do a mini celebration to bring in the year of the horse. so i treated my daughter to an impromptu tea party while the sun rose in our backyard (it was really impromptu as i woke up too early this morning with very little coffee so i was not even thinking of doing a photo shoot). but sometimes you see a tea cup waiting to be washed and a spark of an idea comes to life.


it can be hard to get a two year old (almost three, eek!) to participate in photos but all that was needed was a real tea set plus cupcakes (they were chocolate, spinach and blueberry muffins so they are healthy-ish and she loves them so they were perfect for this). happy new year everyone, wishing you all a beautiful year full of prosperity, good health, happiness and love.sanjosefamilyphotographer-001sanjosefamilyphotographer-002sanjosefamilyphotographer-003sanjosefamilyphotographer-004sanjosefamilyphotographer-005sanjosefamilyphotographer-006sanjosefamilyphotographer-007sanjosefamilyphotographer-008sanjosefamilyphotographer-009sanjosefamilyphotographer-010sanjosefamilyphotographer-012sanjosefamilyphotographer-013

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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