Baking Sneaky Chef’s Chocolate Chip Cookie

we are finally having rainy days here in california (oh goodness have we needed this), so we’ve been having fun trying to find new things to do to keep us busy. this morning, i was planning on baking sneaky chef’s chocolate chip cookies while my daughter was too busy playing with her kinetic sand (she loves kinetic sand and can spend the whole day baking “cupcakes” with it). so i was a bit surprised when she asked me to put on her apron so she could bake with me. the photographer in me would have loved to comb her bedhead hair,  put her in a more fashionable outfit and clean up the counter but the mother in me loved the spontaneity of her help.





now here’s the best thing of this recipe, the secret ingredient to make it a bit more healthier? the flour blend (whole wheat flour/wheat germ), oats and white beans pureed!


the final result? was an absolutely delicious cookie that tasted like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! such a perfect way to trick my daughter into eating a bit more beans. the cookie was a bit drier/crumblier than traditional cookies but it’s perfect for the little ones (wouldn’t make this for an adult party but definitely for a toddler party). i even caught her going into the cookie jar and i didn’t feel too bad letting her sneak another cookie into her belly 🙂




recipe found here: Sneaky Chef’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

i am really loving the recipes from sneaky chef’s book  and maybe next time, i will be more prepared and plan out a real baking photo session with my daughter 🙂

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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