Personal day berry picking at Gizditch Farms

sometimes there are weekends when i don’t have any photo sessions and it’s during those days when we try to do something fun together as a family. so for our personal adventure day this past weekend, we decided that it would be great to drive down to watsonville to go berry picking at gizditch farms. the last time we went fruit picking was in the berkshires at windy hill farm (and you can tell was a huge success). this time was also a huge success. my daughter absolutely loved it though we had to make it a game for her: pick the brightest and reddest strawberry (otherwise someone would have picked all greens ones ha) or try to not squish every olallieberry between her fingers (which was actually really hard to do).

if you are in the bay area and thinking about berry picking as an activity to do with your family, go! my two cents would be to make sure you go early in the morning when it’s not too hot (we arrived when it opened so there was a cool marine layer though by lunch time, it was hot) and make sure to pack a lunch. at the entrance/pie shop/antique shop(!), there are some lovely picnic benches with umbrellas for you to sit and enjoy lunch while your kid can play with all the outdoor toys. plus make sure you get a pie fresh out of the oven. there are constant whiffs of freshly baked pies that is just irresistible (and i can’t believe i forgot to take a photo of it’s goodness!).


most of the time, i let my daughter pick out her own clothes though this trip i really had to encourage her to wear her strawberry dress because she just had too :) sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-006sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-004sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-005sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-007sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-008sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-009sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-010sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-011sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-012sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-013sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-014sanjosefamilyphotographer_gizditchfarms-015

and with all of the berries that fill our home? we’ve been busy baking up a storm so stay tuned for an upcoming post of my daughter baking strawberry oatmeal cupcakes. deliciousness!

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

San Jose Photographer serving Bay Area

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