San Jose photographer – personal day shooting with film

one of the my favorite things to do when shooting personal projects is to slow down and shoot with film. there is something about the patience needed to compose the shot, think about your exposure and light and then cross your fingers (or toes) that your toddler doesn’t move too quickly therefore altering the whole set up you just spent so much time on 🙂

these photos were taken a few months ago and i completely forgot what was shot but that’s what makes it exciting.  i can never wait to get home to open up the envelope (and rub my fingers over the sticky residue that keeps the envelope closed, you know what i’m talking about) but rather will sit in the car going through all the images twice, maybe three times. i ooooh and aaaah over images that came out beautifully and say d’oh when it doesn’t (all d’oh photos goes into a photo album for my daughter so she gets to feel special with her own album). as much as i love shooting digital, i never feel the excitement (and a bit nervousness wondering if the images will even come out) that i do when it comes to film. don’t think that i can ever transition to only film but for personal projects, it’s perfect.

kodak gold 200 – expired film



kodak portra 400 (swoon my favorite film) – shot at hidden villa in los altos


film was developed at a small, local shop in downtown san jose (foto express). i’m always tempted to send out my film to a well known lab down in l.a. just to give them a try but in the end, the local shop always wins out because i love working with the owner. even though i go in every few months, he seems to remember me and that’s just pretty awesome. 

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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