San Jose photographer – at home newborn session

as a photographer, i love when families welcome into their home their latest addition so it’s always the biggest pleasure to capture the freshness of a newborn. so remember this beautiful session with this awesome family who was expecting a new addition? well he’s here! i was overjoyed to head into their san jose home to capture all the amazingness and beauty of this family. and their session was a lot of fun. older sister had a blast showing off her little brother, giving him lots of smooches, showing me all of her toys and books and even taking pictures for me (my back up camera with a pancake lens is perfect for little ones to “assist” me). thank you for welcoming me into your home so i can capture all the sweetness of your family and here’s your sneak peek, yay! 🙂 sanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newborn sanjosenewbornphotographer-001-2

aren’t his diapers cute overload?! i have heard of the honest company but did not know that they made diapers with these amazing prints! when i got home, the first two things that i did? start transferring the images from the session and then googled the honest company to check out their diapers. i may have to place an order or two once my little one arrives (with the skull and mustache prints, of course! heehee) sanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newborn

and of course i want to show one of the photos that my assistant took! the only editing adjustment was brighten the exposure but this photo was all her. it was so cute watching her take pictures and she seemed to enjoy it too. though i’m sure mom and dad might have had mini moments of worry with her and the camera but she was super gentle with it and treated it with a lot of care. it was really cute to watch (though she might want to start taking more pictures in the future now? :) sanjosenewbornphotographer-001-3

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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