girls tea party play date with cookies and tutus

okay maybe not tea for these littles, more like milk 🙂

i have been wanting to do a tutus and tea party with my daughter and her friends for the longest time but since her girlfriends live out in oakland and we’re in south san jose, it can be hard to coordinate the time. i know when carina is older that we can include her but it’s going to be awhile until she can partake with this cuteness. this time after an epic play date full of dress up,  sand building, rock climbing, slide chases, and filling the bellies with toddler junk food, we knew it was time to add another layer of fun to their date and let them have their very own tea party with cookies and twirling tutus.

i was very impressed at them for sitting patiently while i was dialing in my settings while these delicious cookies stared back at them. their reward for doing such a great job was of course, digging in.

i may have also been holding my breath while they used the tea set. i received some amazing china from my grandparents over the summer and they were the perfect size for this. but as soon as the cup and saucer were in their hands, they treated them so delicately. phew.

and goodness these girls. they were each amazing in front of the camera and they are the sweetest friends already. which is of course perfect since mom and i go back to the very early days of high school! 🙂

when your littles and friends get together, what are some of their favorite things to do? i personally love backyard play, they can roam/explore while us moms can relax and enjoy each others company. i’m so glad that this time i made sure to pick up my camera to capture all their sweetness/wildness in their togetherness. i am still sometimes in shock that my daughter will be turning four in two months. this short period of childhood seems to escape so quickly.








Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

San Jose Photographer serving Bay Area

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