lunar new year flower picking

we’ve lived in our neighborhood in the south san jose area for two and a half years and i still feel very lucky to live in such an amazing place. as a photographer, i have found so many gorgeous gems (rustic barns, empty horse stables, awesome hill) for me to photograph within walking distance. plus some spots up in the hills that i have yet to photograph or even explore. and then i’m reminded in february of a beautiful patch of yellow mustard flowers that pop up right in the park. i really wanted to capture some lunar new year flower picking with flowers for our home. in fact there are two little fields of them and i can’t wait to photograph the other one. i could easily walk out my front door in pajamas and shoot in these sweet mustard fields which is just awesome!

now to get my daughter to spend some time with me and the camera, i may have had to bribe her with a few things. first was that she could wear her “elsa” dress. yes, i am aware that she’s just wearing a light blue dress with lace. however if it’s in the colors of elsa blue or anna purple, she will believe that they are frozen dresses. which i personally think is way cuter and cheaper than buying official frozen dresses. second, i told her that she could pick a bouquet of flowers for the lunar new year. and third was a giant lollipop. it was a pretty hot day and this was mid afternoon so she didn’t last too long but she lasted long enough for me to take some photos and to enjoy some of her lollipop before it conveniently got “lost.”

and one of my favorite things about capturing my daughter at this stage is her accessorizing. i love how she has childhood literally written all over her. temporary tattoos, bandaids and crusty food on her face.








anyway, chúc muÌ€ng naÌ£m moi | happy lunar new year! wishing everyone a beautiful new year full of love, happiness and prosperity! enjoy the year of the sheep, goat or ram. ewe decide what animal ewe want to celebrate 🙂

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