valentines with daughters


i wanted to do something elaborate for valentines with my daughters. i was originally thinking of creating heart garlands hung throughout the backyard while my oldest daughter decorates an abundance of heart cookies. but well, time escaped as always (paired with lack of sleep) so rather than going wild, i did something simple. i let my oldest play in the backyard with heart cutouts and confetti with the only rule of having fun. and boy did she! she was shocked when i told her that she was allowed to throw it up in the air or blow them on me or sprinkle them and it was perfect (okay maybe not perfect because the confetti did not want to be swept up afterwards so there may or may not be endless confetti in our backyard from now on oops). one of the things that i was mostly surprised at with this series of photos was that i was wearing my littlest in the ergo. when i shoot, there is a lot of running, squating, laying on the belly, being wild and yet, carina slept the entire time. i may have been mentally using her as an excuse of not shooting as much but yesterday just showed me that i am not limited to shooting just because i have a wee one attached to me.

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now of course i couldn’t just take photos of the oldest doing wild valentine’s celebrations as this was about valentines with my daughters. i had to include carina but since she’s barely four months young, i was a bit more limited to what i could do with her. so i kept it real simple by laying her on her bed and sprinkle the heart cutouts onto her. she was highly confused and maybe just a bit entertained. san-jose-family-photographer-childhood-lifestylesan-jose-family-photographer-childhood-lifestylesan-jose-family-photographer-childhood-lifestylesan-jose-family-photographer-childhood-lifestylesan-jose-family-photographer-childhood-lifestylesan-jose-family-photographer-childhood-lifestyle san-jose-family-photographer-childhood-lifestyle

and of course, not all the hearts fell perfectly, giggle!


and big thank you to ear ink for emilia’s awesome temporary tattoos! she has such a wide array for unique and beautiful designs that are so easy to put on, they are perfect to dress up any kid or adult 🙂

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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