my sweet baby girl is almost seven months and is way too active for our liking. she started crawling just before 6 months and now she’s trying to cruise and walk (not cool ha). sanjoselifestylephotographer-002sanjoselifestylephotographer-001sanjoselifestylephotographer-007

for the past month, she has been rocking one tooth. it’s been ridiculously cute and capturing teeth is actually kind of tricky as most of the time, they are still too small to really capture. i’ve recently noticed that the second tooth is about to break through so i knew that i had to capture these photos for her baby book and well, it’s just super cute. but since she’s on the move, these photos were ridiculously tricky to take. i would lay her down and she would instantly flip over and crawl away. sanjoselifestylephotographer-004sanjoselifestylephotographer-008


i was using every trick in my book and finally, came up with a new game that seemed to work (i would share it but muahaha it was an epic trick so definitely not sharing it ha). sanjoselifestylephotographer-003sanjoselifestylephotographer-005 sanjoselifestylephotographer-006

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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