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back in december, i had an amazingly fun family session while i was in los angeles with an old friend/coworker (we used to work together at an advertising firm so i know how crazy creative she is). their session was a definite favorite (refresher:

and one of the coolest thing was that she showed up with these amazing illustrations of my family! i was so surprised at the thoughtfulness and creativeness that went behind her work. they were also a huge hit with my family. my daughter loves her pigtails though she doesn’t understand why she’s holding a frog as she “wants to hold a dolphin or whale” ha! she also nailed my husbands hair and carina’s expression! plus she also included one of all of us a family unit. seriously amazing and if you’re ever looking for some custom illustrations of your family, check out her work here:

now the big question is how do i showcase these? for the individual photos, should i put them each in an individual frame or maybe some twine and clip them? or in one big shadow box frame? or put the ones of the girls in their rooms? or hung together? help? i may be creative when it comes to photography but when it comes to design/decorating, i am really not too creative so outsourcing with you all helps 🙂

what are your thoughts? how should these be showcased? write your thoughts in the comments <3!

san jose photographer -custom illustration - mayel weisan jose photographer -custom illustration - mayel weisan jose photographer -custom illustration - mayel wei


Photos by Kim E is a San Jose photographer that specializes in fun family sessions. If you’re interested in a unique and fun, family session in the Bay Area, take a LOOK AROUND and let’s CONNECT!

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Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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