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so this awesome family loves to bake and have family fun game nights at their home so we came up with an idea of bringing that fun to their session. after we took all the family fun photos, we set up a table with sugar cookies and a plethora of decorations/sprinkles/frosting and let them make their goodies. i love seeing how each kid had their designs in the cookies fit their personalities. after the sugar rush, i introduced them to a new family fun game called left, center, right. each person had three dollars and when they rolled the dice, the dice would dictate which way their money went. whoever had the most money at the end won a box of saltwater taffy from monterey. their reactions throughout the game gave me a glimpse into how awesome and silly their family fun game nights are at home. hopefully, they picked up the game for their home because it’s a pretty fun game. okay, officially you’re supposed to use plastic discs instead of dollars but i think that dollars is way more fun 🙂 bayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_night bayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_night bayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_night bayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_night bayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_nightbayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_night bayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_night bayarea_sanjosephotographer_family_fun_game_night Kim Ebbets of Photos by Kim E is a Bay Area | San Jose fun, lifestyle photographer that specializes in unique sessions that are all about you. If you’re interested in a family, maternity, or newborn session that’s creative and caters to the uniqueness of your family, take a LOOK AROUND, and let’s CONNECT! Photos by Kim E is located in the Bay Area | San Jose area but is available for travel.

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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