Favorite tricks for kids during our fun photoshoots

with my sessions, they’re all about the fun, love, and silliness of the family but sometimes kids aren’t too interested in photos. so thinking on my feet, i’ll read their personality to see what kind of game we’ll play.

here are some of my favorite tricks for kids during our fun photoshoots! but definitely not all my tricks as i don’t want to give everything away 🙂

“oh no, is there a butterfly in my camera, can you see it flutter? kids love to look hard in the lens to find the butterfly and they’ll inch forward to find it. when i click the photo, they’ll see a flashing red light from inside the lens and they get so excited seeing the butterfly.


tackle and tickle time. i’ll ask them to surprise the parents by sneaking up behind them and then tackling (or tickling), which then has everyone wanting to tackle and tickle.

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mom’s hair.  sometimes, i will hide a small toy or candy in mom’s hair so the child can comb through to find the treat, and the effect ends up being as if they’re sweetly touching her hair.

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squirt! occasionally, i’ll hide a small water spray bottle in my pocket, and when they least expect it, squirt them with water!

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farts, farting, and more farts. kids can get a bit overexcited and wild and i will break out fart jokes or my favorite, fart noises. i’ll act shocked but then most kids will start to giggle and fart along and then i’ll tell the kids to lean into their parents as if they’re going to tell them a secret and then make they’ll fart noises into their ears.



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