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Traveling in the Bay Area and looking for a family vacation photo session?

When you’re traveling for vacation, your checklist includes items like shoes, socks, underwear, toothpaste, chargers, etc. But have you ever thought of including a family vacation photo session?

This awesome family came to the Bay Area from New Jersey for a wedding and they also wanted to spend some time in front of the camera, be present and have a family fun photo session!

Since they were staying in San Francisco and I was coming up from the South San Jose area, we thought meeting halfway in San Mateo would be the perfect spot to explore and play. From swinging, playing football, and chases, this family vacation photo session was a small break from their vacation plans. Even though their schedule was packed with things to do and family to see, they knew that sneaking away for a bit to take photos was important.

And you know what I loved capturing? Brother and sister’s relationship. Teenage years can be tricky to photograph, especially when they’re trying really hard not to smile but when it came to taking photos with his little sister, he couldn’t stop smiling. And my favorite photo? Definitely photographing him sneaking in a cheek kiss is one of my favorites.

So on your next vacation, where ever you’re adventuring, think squeezing in time for a family vacation photo session because what a perfect way to remember your family vacation!

And if you’re coming to the Bay Area, let’s connect and play!


If you’re interested in a family fun session that’s creative and caters to the beauty and essence of your fun family, take a look around, and let’s connect!

Kim Ebbets of Photos by Kim E is a Bay Area | San Jose fun photographer specializing in unique sessions that are all about your family.

Photos by Kim E is located in the Bay Area | San Jose area and is available for travel.

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Photos by Kim E

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