Illustrator Branding Photoshoot

How do you create? An Illustrator Branding Photoshoot

Where do you find your inspiration? How do you create? What is your space like? Do you rock out to music or do you prefer the quiet of your space?

These are some of the questions that I ask during our business branding consultation. Because it’s important to learn not only about our business but more about you. I want to learn where you find your inspiration and it’s a wonderful way to incorporate that into our session.

For this illustrator branding photoshoot, I learned that Mayel of Mayel Creates finds her inspiration when she’s playing on her ukulele! She strums her music, looks out the window, and comes up with new ideas for her art.

Her artwork is incredible, ranging from delicate paper cutouts, printables for kids to create, and even Sumi ink. What is Sumi ink? I did have to check out this article to learn more but it’s made from the soot of burnt lamp oil or pinewood, animal glue, and perfume. You mix with water and then create! It was really cool watching her mix it with water and create a character from scratch!

Watching artists create and photograph them creating is amazing! I always wished that I could draw. But since I can’t draw, I can at least photograph an artist drawing 🙂

When you’re ready for your business branding photoshoot, take some time to think about your answers to our questionnaire because your thoughtful answers really helps elevate your branding session!

Enjoy some favorites from this illustrator branding photoshoot? If you’re interested in a creative and fun business branding session in the Bay Area | San Jose area, let’s connect!

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Photos by Kim E

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