Lifestyle business photography – Personal Chef

Lifestyle business photography – San Jose photography session with a personal chef

Photos by Kim E provides lifestyle business photography which is a mix of headshots and doing what you love to do. In this case, teaching and cooking! Yum!

Joni Sare, chef in Sunnyvale, teaches students how to make smoky paella* from scratch but she also helps to teach the basics of cooking. How to properly hold your knife, how to cut the vegetables, how to know when to put flip the meat on the paella pan. Important kitchen skills that even I learned by photographing her!

During our lifestyle business photography session, I did a few of her headshots in her most comfortable place, her kitchen, while we also photographed her teaching the students.

When you’re thinking of your business and photos, where is your favorite place? Where do you create? Your favorite place can be an ideal place for your headshots or lifestyle business branding photos so when you’re ready for your photos, let’s connect and play!

* Photographing this session and smelling the delicious paella brought me back to when I backpacked through Europe and adventured through Spain. At the time, I was vegetarian so it was hard to find a vegetarian paella restaurant. This was definitely before cell phones were easily accessible. I remember wandering the alleys in Madrid and stumbled upon a vegetarian restaurant at 4p which was super early for dinner. But I didn’t know I would find another vegetarian restaurant so I had an early dinner. In an empty restaurant, with the staff being unsure what to do with me. Even though they were open, no one really eats that early. Ha! It was one of the best vegetarian paella dishes I ever had.

Interested in a fun, business branding session that’s creative and caters to the essence of your business, take a look around, and let’s connect.

Kim Ebbets of Photos by Kim E is a San Francisco Bay Area | San Jose | Morgan Hill lifestyle photographer that specializes in sessions that are all about you.

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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