What is a lifestyle photography? San Jose Photographer showcases lifestyle photography

San Jose lifestyle photographer – what is a lifestyle photography?

You might have heard of lifestyle photography but have you wondered what is lifestyle?

I love to say that our lifestyle photography session is a mix between portrait photography and documentary photography – so a little bit of both. Sure we’ll take portraits of your family, but our session is really about the connection and interaction that your family has.

When you look back at your photos, I want you to remember how you would help put chapstick on her lips or the handmade Father’s Day cards you created. Or times being goofy, silly, playful, and sometimes, even pouts and tears – the real essence of your family.

Where does our family lifestyle session take place?

Where ever you feel butterflies. The location should be where you LOVE to spend time with your family. And it can be in places that you don’t think of! Like the family kitchen on a Sunday morning, or a trail that you used to do to put your child to sleep.

What should you wear to your photography session? I will guide you on some colors/patterns but I really want you to be you! If you want to rock Converse’s with mismatched socks because that is what your kid loves to do, rock it!

Remember our family photo session is a session for you. These are your moments, your uniqueness, your story! We photograph these moments in your life that you love, your family, your favorite place, and create mementos for your family’s history.

How do you want to tell your family’s story? Are you ready for your family’s lifestyle family fun session? Click the button below to get started!

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Already have a date already in mind? Check out my calendar to see if the date is available and then submit a request for that date. If it’s not available and your date is flexible, definitely reach out too.

Kim Ebbets of Photos by Kim E is a S.F. Bay Area | San Jose photographer that specializes in unique sessions that showcase you as you.

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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