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Benefits of on-location headshot photography for business headshots

Business headshots are essential to promoting your business, and authenticity is key for your audience. So as you plan your San Jose business headshots, here is why I love on-location for your headshot session.

  • Uniqueness: On-location provides a more unique backdrop than a traditional studio setting.
  • Convenience: Having your headshot taken on location saves time since you don’t have to travel too far.
  • Personality: By choosing a location that is meaningful or reflects your work, it helps to make you feel comfortable and natural.

Here are a few on-location business ideas:

  • Your office: A great choice as it shows you in your professional environment.
  • A park or outdoor garden: For a more casual and approachable headshot, this natural setting can help you feel more relaxed.
  • A coffee shop or cafe: This is a good option for a headshot that conveys a sense of creativity.
  • A museum or art gallery: A stylish and colorful way to add a touch of professional sophistication to your headshots.

Of course, as amazing as on-location is, there are things to consider like weather, lighting, location permits, and crowds. But these are things that your photographer will keep in mind and help offer alternatives or backups if needed.

No matter where you choose to have your business headshot taken, have fun, be confident, rock your self out and we’ll make your headshots shine!

Are you ready for your San Jose business headshots? Are you looking to update your social media channels, LinkedIn with new headshots?

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