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San Jose’s Fun Photographer – Want to know more about Kim E? 

• Originally from Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley – Sylmar to be exact

• Went to U.C. Santa Cruz to study Film & Digital Media 

• While in Los Angeles, she worked in advertising and promotions for T.V. shows which is where she learned the importance of telling a story in 30 seconds or less. When she moved to the Bay Area, she worked at an advertising agency for local businesses

• Moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007 and South San Jose in 2012

• Loves to travel the world and has adventured through Mexico, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece, U.K., Switzerland, South Africa, and most U.S. states….phew. She’s waiting to safely travel again and wanderlusting about the next country to explore

• Photos by Kim E has been photographing families and businesses for over eleven years

• Her work has been featured on Let the Kids, Fearless and FramedCandid ChildhoodA Bicycle Built for Two, Shutterfest Magazine, and Ramshackle Glam

• Proud member of the Women’s Networking Alliance, and Fulfillment Fund Scholar

• She lives in the South San Jose area with her two awesome daughters, an awesome husband, and one awesome hamster

• Photos by Kim E photographs with Canon EOS R6, Canon Mark III plus an extra backup Mark III and has a variety of awesome lenses to pick and choose from depending on what she’s photographing. Because her style is lifestyle/documentary, she prefers to photograph with natural light and photograph the moments as they occur instead of focusing on flash or off-camera flash. However, she will use it if really needed

• Photos by Kim E adheres to Santa Clara County safety protocols












If you’d like to learn more about the fun that can go into our session, take a look around the website at family fun sessions, at home lifestyle sessions, business branding, blog, or email

Photos by Kim E – San Jose’s Fun Photographer 

Photos by Kim E

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