Sweets and treats

while in los angeles, i wanted to do something fun and special with my daughter and her friend to celebrate valentine’s day. but of course photographing little ones can always be a challenge so what better way to get an almost three year old and an almost five year old to participate? by giving them everything they need to create valentine cards plus a tray full of cookies and candy 🙂 sanjosefamilyphotographer-008sanjosefamilyphotographer-001sanjosefamilyphotographer-002sanjosefamilyphotographer-003sanjosefamilyphotographer-004sanjosefamilyphotographer-005sanjosefamilyphotographer-006   sanjosefamilyphotographer-011sanjosefamilyphotographer-009sanjosefamilyphotographer-010

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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