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one of the things that i’m really proud of accomplishing every year is putting together the yearly photo books*. it’s so important printing out your photos and have them live than to disappear into the digital hard drives. i love to see the photos scattered throughout our home (and my clients homes) though my favorite is listening to emilia tell me stories about when the photos were taken and be proud whenever i put up new photos. as carina is getting older, the sisterly bond has become stronger and emilia loves to take out the albums and show carina the albums.

of course as a photographer, i have hundreds of thousands of photos of my family and these photos could have easily become lost deep into the digital hard drive. but at the end of every year, i spend a few nights creating albums. the best way that i have learned to do this is to categorize each album by month/event and have them all nested by year on my hard drive (actually on my laptop, desktop, two external hard drives and cloud back up – super important to always back up your photos). when it’s the end of the year, i import the year into lightroom and use their perfectly integrated blurb to create my photo album. once the album is laid out, i export directly to blurb and then order the book through their website. and of course one of the great incentives of doing it at the end of the year (besides being able to have everything organized) are all the great sales. my books tends to be a few hundred pages so using their end of year coupon sales is great savings. at the beginning of the year, i have a beautiful 12×12 hardcover book with all photos from the previous year that we cherish.

i also have hundreds of photos on my cell phone and i don’t want those to get lost too. so after i’m done with the big book, i export the photos that i took (mostly through instagram since i love instagram) and put together the yearly adventure book of cell phone images using artifact uprising. their 5×5 albums is perfect for instagram photos and their paper stock is nicely weighted with a real subtle pearl sheen. i also wait until the end of the year for the savings too 🙂

and yes if i’m this crazy organized/obsessed about the yearly photo books, you know that both girls have their baby books filled out too 🙂

even though carina looks highly unamused, emilia was telling her lots of stories. she told her of all the dutch adventures we had last year and when she moved on to her baby book, she was explaining that the sonogram photos were of her in my belly and the hat that she wore when she was first born. seriously sweet and carina was loving it.





* i’m a few years behind on putting together all of our world travel books which is one reason why i’m so obsessed about the family books being put together. i knew that i could easily put their photo albums off and then i would be years behind and never catch up which is something that i didn’t want. i’m hoping to get around to the travel books this year 🙂

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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