weekend in the life of my grandparents

sanjosephotographer_lifestyle-001-2my grandparents have been married for 69 years. grandma is turning 93 next week. grandpa turns 95 next month. after spending some wonderful time with them during my little sister’s wedding, it dawned on me that i’m a family photographer and here i am capturing these beautiful moments of young families but what about the true beginnings of the family? what about the stories of the grandparents? of how they met and how they got engaged. of their wedding day. and with that spark, i knew that i had to bring it to life. so i left the littles for the weekend so i can fly out to prescott, arizona so i can photograph them in their element. record some of their stories and just spend time with them. i’ve never done a documentary/day in the life session but i know that in the end, whatever comes from it, we will all cherish the photos and stories and the time spent with each other.

Photos by Kim E

Photos by Kim E

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