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Getting moms in the photo – Moments with moms

Getting moms in the photo means a lot to me. One of the whys of being a photographer stems from my own upbringing. My mom grew up in Vietnam and does not have any childhood photos. So when I look back at photos of my mom holding my sister and me, I understand what her extra big smile really means. I understand why she loves to take photos. I understand why she still loves to look at all of our childhood photos and see herself in the photos. And we’re so thankful to have all of these photos.

Moms are the ones who are there for us. They love us unconditionally and support us. They make our childhoods special. When we’re in the thick of everything, we forget the small moments. We forget how they used to tug on our hair, or give kisses on the nose, or hold only a pointer finger. And we want to remember these in-between moments.

Photos are our memories. When we look back at photos of our childhood, we want to see our moms. We want to see the love and happiness in their eyes. We want to remember how they always made us feel safe and loved. Photos are a reminder of the love, tears, silliness, and joy that we’ve experienced.

So thank you to all the amazing moms that have thought of me to go beyond taking your portrait with your children and to open up your hearts for me to photograph your connection, your delicate touches, your magical kisses, your love.

Our children don’t remember the early years like we do so let’s photograph these fleeting moments with you and your children.

Some of my past favorites of getting moms in the photo. Are you ready to get in the photo? Are you ready to memorialize your family’s moments and fun with a family session that is all about you! So let’s connect, let’s photograph your family’s story, let’s play!

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Photos by Kim E

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