New headshots in San Jose Japanese Friendship Garden

New headshots in San Jose for small business owner – Importance of color with wardrobe

When it comes to photographing new headshots in San Jose in a lush, green garden environment, the color of your clothing plays a crucial role. When preparing with this business owner from Livin Balanced, we wanted to make sure that the environment was natural, and serene but made her pop. There is one shade that stands out with the greenery and elevates your headshots which is: Mustard Yellow.

So why is mustard yellow a great color in this green, garden environment?

  • Complementing:
    Mustard Yellow is a complementary color to green, so it’s visually pleasing. The warm undertones of Mustard Yellow stand out against the cool greens of the foliage so you become the focal point
  • Contrast and Pop:
    Mustard Yellow is a bold contrast to the predominantly green surroundings that adds a pop of color to your headshots. The vividness of Mustard Yellow against calming greens creates a striking visual impact, making your images memorable and eye-catching.
  • Flattering :
    Mustard Yellow is known for its flattering qualities on a wide range of skin tones. Whether you have a fair complexion or a deeper hue, this warm and earthy color enhances your glow.
  • Timeless:
    Mustard Yellow transcends trends so your headshots remain stylish. It adds a touch of sophistication to your images while allowing the natural surroundings to take center stage.

Because of the canvas of a green garden environment, Mustard Yellow adds vibrancy and individuality to your headshots as you can see from the gallery. When you’re planning out your headshot photos, working together with your photographer for your wardrobe is key to make sure that your wardrobe works with beautifully with the location.

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